About KVT

Background to Kitchen Vent Technical

The team at Kitchen Vent Technical Ltd (KVT) has been successfully serving the UK’s ventilation needs since the early 1980’s and KVT specialises in the commercial and institutional kitchen ventilation markets through the catering and hospitality industry as well as the mechanical & electrical services sectors.

The KVT team has a long-lived reputation is proven by the regular customer testimonials praising our service and products within the ventilation and building services industry. We have also been heavily involved in the re-writing of the BESA document DW172 (2nd edition) 2018 and subsequent updates which goes to illustrate how highly we are thought of within the kitchen ventilation industry.

Our products include;

  • A range of high-performance capture canopies & hoods
  • Super-efficient grease separation
  • Services distribution units (including mechanical & electrical fitouts if required)
  • Splashbacks/Wall Cladding
  • Ventilated ceilings
  • Integrated fire suppression systems
  • Ductwork
  • Fans
  • Controls and interlocks
  • Air-handling plant
  • Grease & odour control equipment

Guides & standards – KVT is conversant and compliant with:

  • B&ES document DW172 (Building & Engineering Services Association Specification for: Kitchen Ventilation Systems) Second edition 2018.
  • B&ES document DW144 (Ductwork Specification)
  • British Standards document BS6173 (Ventilation of gas fired appliances)
  • IGEM UP 19: Design and Application of Interlock Devices and Associated Systems Used with Gas Appliance Installations in Commercial Catering Establishments
  • HSE Catering Information Sheet 10
  • HSE Catering Information Sheet 23
  • HSE Catering Information Sheet 26
  • CIBSE document TM50 (Energy efficiency in commercial kitchens)

KVT is based near Southam in Warwickshire and serves the whole of the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man and The Channel Islands.